Hello world!

Yes, hello world! You must have been wondering where I was!

I admit, for a while there (ie years of feverish internet activity from a trillion other humans, as well as cats, dogs, frogs and other animals who have their own Facebook pages if not blogs) it seemed as though I was going to take a stand and staunchly remain the only breathing organism left in the world to have access to a computer and yet NOT have a blog.

Yet, here we are, suddenly it’s 2010 – or really, let’s be honest, it’s October so it’s almost 2011 – in fact, the way time is going by these days we may as well say it’s 2020 and be done with it. Anyway, here I am, just starting one!

I can tell you right now what this means. Undoubtedly this means that history will show that on 09/10/2010, blogs were officially designated as OLD technology. No doubt the people who are really getting with the times in 2010 have already had a micro-chip inserted into their forehead (with the botox). This enables any witty thought they might have to be transported straight to the micro-chips in the foreheads of anyone who LIKES them. The benefit is that their fingers are freed up for texting and playing games on their iphones.

Albert Einstein often thought about getting a microchip in his brain.

But I’ve always had a soft spot for old technology (probably because instruction books are so boring) so I think now is the perfect time for me to give the blog a crack. Plus, a friend of mine insists that blogs are a complete waste of time, so I thought I would give it a try to see if he is right.

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