The much anticipated second post!

The world is now awaiting my second post. Or rather, if only I had told the world about my first post, it would be waiting for my second one in a frenzy of anticipation, commentary, review and discussion over what direction my – always difficult – second post might take. Like a second album, or a second novel, the second post can be career defining. Bloggers can be made or broken on a second post. Can it live up to, or even exceed, the standards set by the first post? Will it reinforce my reputation as a new voice on the blogosphere with something to say worth listening to, or will it take no risks and just repeat the safe and successful formula of the first post, thereby forever pigeonholing me into a particular style of blog?  Or will it surprise and delight the reader by swirving off into some completely unexpected and genre-defying material? I guess we’ll have to wait and see……when I think of something to write about.

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