Blathering about nothing in particular, part 2

Blathering About Nothing In Particular – Part 2.

So, a few weeks ago I went to see The Gare St Lazare Players Ireland performance of The Beckett Trilogy for the Melbourne International Arts Festival. (read a review here). These were one-man performances, excerpted from three novels by Beckett:  MalloyMalone Dies, and The Unnamable,and the inspiration for the previous post. I could have mentioned them in that post, but it really was long enough already, wasn’t it?!

After seeing these plays, I imagined Beckett encountering (with great surprise, since he died in the late 80’s) the idea that in 2010, millions of us isolate ourselves at our computers writing blogs and feel as if by doing so, we are communicating with the rest of the world. It just perfectly illustrates his vision of humanity. It’s so like his characters, who feel compelled to keep on speaking, waffling on without knowing if anyone is really listening. So do we blog, like Beckett’s characters speak, in order to reassure ourselves that we exist, and avoid being engulfed in silence that offers no distraction from the reality of being human?

If Beckett were writing a play now, I imagine that the set would be raked platforms covered with lots of little partitions, and kept in darkness so that the audience could just make out in each an isolated figure, typing away at their blog. A spotlight would focus on each n a seemingly random order, and when it did, snippets of that person’s blog would be vocalized by some other, detached voice speaking over the PA system. There could also be a screen with the words running across it at the same time as they are spoken – or , even better, not in sych with what is being spoken, just like watching CNN. At random intervals there would be  silence and darkness when they all stop and suffer from writers block (or power outages). At other random intervals, multiple voices would read blog entries all at the same time, creating a nonsensical, jumbled cacophony of disparate, muddled stories.

I would see that play.




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  1. Andrew

     /  November 1, 2010

    Yes and the music would be by Phillip Glass!


    • well there usually isn’t any music in his plays. Unless it’s a snippet of something remembered, like a hobo singing a song about a dog stealing a bone. So maybe if there was music Tom Waits would be more suitable. In fact it’s a wonder Tom hasn’t been in a Beckett play. He’d look right at home popping up out of a bin.


  2. cath

     /  November 2, 2010

    an accidental existentialist? I never suspected (well maybe a bit). Well I know I’m a bit behind the times with no blog but seriously I’m still trying to figure out facebook – ok I am just really slack…



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