Oh how we’re loving the rain!

Here in Victoria it’s raining at last! And rain, as with any other event, large or small, allows us to display to the rest of the world our Aussie appreciation of irony!

We achieve this by commenting carelessly to one another that after 12 years of drought, we are now discovering all the cracks in our houses that we weren’t aware of for all that time. Ha, ha!

We also laugh about how, just when every single person who has renovated their house in the last 6 years has added an enormous 6000 litre water tank into their backyard, they now have to turn the tap on and let the water run out because the tanks are overflowing. Hee, hee!

Suddenly it’s the soggiest Spring we’ve had for…well, about 12 years.

Yes, here in Australia we don’t like to do anything by halves. It’s either total drought and water restrictions at level 5 (where showers are banned and you may wash only every 3rd day, using one cup of water per  person) or the forecast for the next 8 consecutive days is for rain. In Melbourne for the past 2 days, rain has been falling steadily and gently from morning until night, and right through night until morning again.

(Maybe not quite as gently in the suburb of Moorabin, judging by the newspaper report that 300 calls to the State Emergency Service came from that area)

One small oil slick: all that was left of Moorabin at 9am this morning

All in all, its a good weekend for writing a blog (equally as good as the weekend that my tax return was due a few weekends ago, which also made my creative output rise quite considerably.)

In Victoria we still find the experience of sitting inside listening to the sound of rain rattling on the roof and dripping down the drainpipes, and knowing it’s likely to continue for days, to be almost exotic, because for years it was rare to ever hear rain at all. It’s still so unusual that it almost feels like being somewhere else, on a holiday!

Or is that just me?

Of course, the discovery of water leaking through the bedroom window onto the carpet reminds me that I am actually at home, and have boring things like stained carpet to prise my attention away from musing about the rain, but hey – I’m still enjoying listening to the sloshing and dripping of all that water that’s coming out of the sky.

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