The McFloobster connection.

"Chuzzles McFloobster": in hiding under a witness protection program

It turns out that Flitty McFloobster, the reader who sent me the photo of herself with avocados for eyes, is the long lost cousin of Chuzzles McFloobster. Well, in a non-blood relation kind of way, where all I really mean is that their made up identity consists of the same surname. Chuzzles, weirdly enough, happens to be our cat!  Chuzzles McFloobster, aka ChuzzleFuzz, is not our cat’s real name,  but legal reasons prevent me from revealing her true identity as she is currently in hiding after a number of incidents with the cat next door, who we will refer to as “Angus”.

You know who you are, Angus.*


*(His real name is actually Angus, but he is so dense that I don’t think it will matter if I mention it. Also, it’s pretty likely that he does not know who he is, since he doesn’t even appear to know that our backyard is not his backyard, or ever recall with his apparently goldfish-like memory that only 60 seconds before I chased him with the hose in order to make him feel unwelcome, in the hope of stopping his attacks on poor ChuzzleFuzz.)

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