Proven wrong: creme caramel success!

A creme caramel. (I stuck a blueberry on it for visual interest)

So lo and behold, to my complete astonishment, the creme caramels last week turned out to be 1. succcessful and 2. bloody delicious!!! The delicious part was not so surprising, but the successful part really floored me. It’s amazing what you discover you can do sometimes!

Along with skiing, I can now add making creme caramels to the list of things that I would never have dreamed of trying if someone else hadn’t co-erced me into it – only to discover that I once mastered it, it was great! (Not that I can ski or have ever been again since, but for a few hours on the Canadian Rockies 12 years ago I got the hang of it and realised why people like doing it.)

Also as with skiing, I will probably never attempt creme caramel again. (Though with skiing, that is largely to do with cost, logistics and effort required to go and do it, whereas the creme caramel is to do with that I still secretly think this was a fluke and it couldn’t possibly work a second time!)

PS – the recipe we used was in the Christmas addition of the Coles magazine – not something I normally bother collecting, but – unfortunately for my sanity – my daughter insists on collecting anything anywhere that has a recipe on it, so she brought it home. Along with every recipe card they put out. *Sigh* It’s not all bad though, as I discovered it (the magazine) contains vouchers for discounted liquor! 😉

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