Austen v. Twain

My radar for anything vaguely moustache-related lead me to hone in today on something that was in The Age 2 weeks ago, an amusing piece quoting famous writers who had dissed other famous writers. In doing so I discovered that apparently Mark Twain couldn’t stand Jane Austen’s novels! I knew I didn’t like him as soon as I saw that moustache!!

So now I don’t feel silly for forgetting what novels Twain was famous for. (Of course I remembered that one of them was Huckleberry Finn. I read that as a kid and enjoyed it then – in my childhood home it could easily have been the 1860’s as far as my parents were concerned, so I could probably relate quite well to it – but overall I must admit, I liked Huckleberry Hound more.)

Anyway, now I feel like I was vindicating Jane Austen with my display of complete indifference to Mark Twain’s ouvre. (see Competing Moustaches if you are totally confused as to what I’m talking about.)

So I thought I’d let Jane voice her feelings about Twain’s revolting moustache. (As if he had any right to criticise her, with a hair piece like that on his face.) So take that Mark Twain!

Finally: Austen responds to her moustachioed critic

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  1. cath

     /  December 15, 2010

    Hey that actually looks like that portrait of Jane that her sister did. I’d say that one might be by her brother though. Wasn’t her brother a skater? Or was that the Bronte boy I am thinking of…..


    • You’re right of course Cath. That portrait is actually by the Bronte boy (Branwell). He was a portrait painter, opium smoker and skater, and whipped that one up with a sharpie one night after flipping his skateboard across her grave a few times.



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