Ahoy there matey! How to text like a pirate. Or is it a poet?

So, those cultural theorist types write entire books about how our access to so much knowledge via the internet, and our ability to communicate instantly with one another via email and texting, does not necessarily  increase the quality of our knowledge OR our communications. Apparently it’s more likely that we all just communicate in a much more superficial way , have lost our ability to really engage meaningfully with each other, measure our own worth by how many “friends” we have on facebook, and are unable to concentrate on anything for more than 10 seconds. Did I say 10 seconds??? Get real. Make that 6 seconds. I feel distracted already.

Anyway, I gather that’s the gist of the argument. I haven’t really followed it,  since I’m too busy checking my email and texting a friend while writing a post on my blog at the same time.

But wait a minute. I know that texting can be a good thing for communications. What is my proof? My brother’s texts.

Maybe for most people, texting does reduce communication – and thought – to a simplified message with little room for flamboyant individual style. But not my brother. Since he got a mobile phone, not only do we communicate more often via texting than we ever did previously via phone, but also, I have a whole new appreciation for his entire sensibility, which seems to be something like an Elizabethan pirate, most likely hailing from Northern England or Ireland. Or sometimes like a mixture of Blackbeard, Shakespeare, and Jack Kerouac all rolled into one. And he is not a student of literature. He does not live in the highlands of Scotland, as some of his turns of phrase might suggest, but Ballarat, Victoria. He works as a welder, has a lot of tatoos, plays in a death metal band, and obviously has a poetic bent when it comes to texting.

Here are some examples of his little pieces of poetic text:

Me: I sent u a pic of J but it won’t go thru! Might see u on weekend.


I canee know why ur pic of J wont send. Tis a strange brew indeed. I mite join ye at ma n pa’s for a wee chinwag.


Me: How u going?

Blackbeard/Kerouac: Not too shabby me old mucka. Just ad rhubarb and apple pie for pud. Nummy. Nummy. Num.


Jack Kerouac: (on being released from hospital after a “mystery” illness)

Hi dee doodie! I got d aok from d rmh. Said I ave improved remarkably. Feelin groovy. Hope yr feelin groovy. Hope j is tickety boo boop dee do


and lastly, just yesterday:

Me: (in relation to Christmas presents) Is The Fellowship Of the Rings the one where Frodo gets that pesky ring in the first place?

Blackbeard/Kerouac: That’s the one. okeekokee, no worries. i’ll give ya a ring this week n ave a yarn. rock on me ol mucker


His texts are colorful and as full of character  as he is himself, and it’s always a laugh to receive one. There is the value of modern technology right there.

R, me ♥eez! WTF – WTP!

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  1. Andrew

     /  December 21, 2010

    Kissed blarney stone?



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