A Hazy Shade of Summer (or, Sunday morning in Melbourne)

The only difference is that our cat is black and white.

Time, time, time, see what’s become of me

When just last Sunday afternoon

I had possibilities –

Where did the week go, please?

I look around, it makes me frown

Cos the kitchen’s still a mess from dinner


Hear the music of Grinderman

Blast from my stereo, I chop oregano

And marinate lamb

Carry a wine in my hand…

I look around, it makes me frown

the sky is grey,  it feels as if it’s winter


Hang on to your hopes, my friend

It’s Melbourne 10am, might be hot by 2pm,

So simply pretend

Summer’s not at an end.

I look around, dishes piled high

They touch the sky, the dishwasher makes me cry


Aahh, the week flew by and little was achieved

Might as well be doing tapestry,

Writing terrible poetry,

Or just blogging to fill in time.

Funny how my memory slips

Looking over my manuscripts,

emails and silly rhymes

Drinking my vodka and lime


I look around, the internet’s down

And we need a cartridge for the printer

Look around, I’ve just found

There’s a piece of cake on the ground

Look around, it’s not profound

But this post is the best I could expound

* Apologies to Simon and Garfunkle.

** Just as I went to publish this post, the sun came out. I’ll probably get sunburnt this afternoon.

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  1. Well, I’m impressed! Your song writing skills just seem to get better and better! I think maybe our book should just be our own cover versions of well known tunes. I guess it’s my turn for one???


    • Well you set the standard pretty high! It will be hard to ever top your version of “Hotel California”! 😉


  2. Andrew

     /  February 17, 2011

    I was thinking of The Bangles (?) as I was reading:
    My, my, my, see what’s become of me!


  3. There is nothing wrong with thinking of The Bangles version! When I hear this song in my head (funnily enough, almost continuously since writing this post 4 days ago) it’s The Bangles version I hear. (I wish I could hear it in real life, but we only have the Simon and Garfunkle version.) I thought I should apologise to S&G, though, since they were the ones who wrote the original.



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