Ideas? Still loading…….


Parchment? Check. Sharpened stick? Check. Idea? Ummmmm....

Got time…..need ideas!

There was a time, not so long ago, (in fact it was only last month) when I was on a roll. Everything was going swimmingly. Ideas seemed to generate of their own accord. One enjoyable post about black holes and bioluminescent jellyfish led, some might say inexplicably, to a post about Macbeth and Waiting For Godot, which led, some might say strangely, to a post about the history of the universe, and that one led hastily to a post updating the reader on the cockroach’s rightful place in that history. I had a lot of fun writing those posts!

Time has passed, and now I look back on those posts of more than a month ago with fond affection. Whenever I see that someone has viewed them, I feel pleased, the way you feel a little pride for your siblings if someone remarks what a great guy/girl they are. You are out in the world on your own now, little posts – good luck!

In the interim, I was caught up writing a 4000 word essay for my Graduate Diploma course. I managed a few posts in that time, but my creative output was restricted by time and lack of headspace, and those posts were not my most favourite. They were more like the siblings that you will always feel could have done better if only they had applied themselves more, instead of wagging school and then turning up to wave at their classmates through the window as they sat the final exams.

(I have concluded recently that headspace is finite, and that my brain has now reached the stage where, in order to fit a new idea in, something else has to be go. So long, lyrics to “Video Killed the Radio Star” – you’re being made redundant so that I can make room for a new fact about bioluminescent jellyfish.)


Seemed a good excuse for another pic of a jellyfish

So, I’ve been striving for weeks to make myself write something that I hoped would pass for intelligible, about volunteer programs in community arts, when all I really wanted to write was more creative gibberish on my blog. Now I’ve suddenly got some time to write on my blog, but suddenly…..(cue anti-climax) – I seem to be fresh out of the urge to sit down and write – no ideas that I’ve managed to think of seem to inspire me.

I need to get over this hump, and use this precious time to enjoy writing, without feeling guilty that I’m “wasting” time that should be spent doing more meaningful things!

For ideas, I could turn to Plinky, but I must admit that lately I’ve found a lot of the topics are not very inspiring. I mean, really, What is your favourite cookie???? I also find it offputting that a lot of responses are just one, totally uninspired, line. Eg, the prompt is “Do you ever wish you were somewhere else?” – Joe Blo will respond “Nah, not very often.” What? Thats it???!!! It’s meant to challenge you to do some creative writing, people!  I wonder why people join Plinky, if it’s not to challenge themselves to write an interesting/creative/well crafted piece of writing. It’s not exactly a social networking site. If you are just going to write “Nah, not very often” surely you’d  be more challenged creatively by updating your Facebook status?

Of course, as I’ve just managed to point out to myself, the whole idea of challenging your own creativity is to try and develop a good piece of writing, even if the topic doesn’t immediately inspire. Perhaps I should go back to Plinky after all, and think a bit more creatively about the prompts. Brainstorm a few ideas. It was, after all, a prompt on Plinky that started my “Black Hole” series of posts: the question was “What would you like to know more about?” At first that question didn’t overwhelm me with potential as a topic, but once I got stuck into it, I discovered that I’d like to know more about black holes, exploding stars and bioluminescent jelly fish! That led me somehow to Macbeth (?!) and from there to a history of the universe, and, inevitably it seems, to cockroaches. Finally the (unplanned) “series” came to a grinding halt with a post about Metamorphosis, because at that point my essay deadline was looming and I couldn’t really spend hours crafting a silly blog post.

Not without feeling somewhat distracted, anyway.

I guess, as with all writing,  it’s not the initial idea that determines the final piece of writing, it’s what you put into your response to that idea. So here’s what I’ll do:  I won’t blame Plinky for being uninspiring. I’ll try to locate my imagination and put it into gear, and I’ll aim to write something worthwhile in the next few weeks. I’ll try some writing exercises like brainstorming, giving myself half an hour to write everything I can about a given topic – not for a final piece, but to generate ideas.

And, of course, I’ll do all of that before term 2 begins and I find myself writing some completely idiotic drivel dry academic research, with no headspace left for creative thinking. No doubt, right about that time I will suddenly be inspired with ideas for my blog!

*Jellyfish pic by Mike Joa

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  1. Dori

     /  June 5, 2011

    Thank you for the inspiration! I’m now pondering what I want to know more about!



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