I’m waiting for the band.

Name 3 musicians that I hope to see live some day? Well, I can easily name 2!

The first is Tom Waits. It seems unlikely that I’ll ever see him live, as apparently he doesn’t particularly like flying overseas (I’ve read the unauthorised biography!) But if he ever decided to make the effort to come to Australia – God, what a rush on tickets there would be from all those Aussie Tom Waits fans who’ve been hoping he’d make it out here some time!

Tom Waits

Tom Waits

Apart from the fact that I enjoy his music, I know that, like all truly legendary musicians, Waits would be fantastic to see live. People like Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen, John Cale, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed – they don’t become legends for nothing. Becoming a legend requires character and personality as well as musical talent. When you are lucky enough to see artists like these live in concert, it’s not just the music you experience, it’s also the person behind the legend. Thus, their legend grows.

The second is PJ Harvey. Despite liking her music, I have not yet managed to see her live. Last time she came to Melbourne, Sonic Youth were playing on the very same night, with support from Kim Salmon, a Melbourne muso I admire. What kind of scheduling is that? Surely half of the 3RRR listening audience must have been in the same dilemma over who to go and see!

Pj Harvey

PJ Harvey

As it happens, I’d already seen Sonic Youth once before, and Kim Salmon countless times over the previous decade or so, so I preferred the idea of seeing PJ Harvey – but couldn’t get anyone to go with me. The friends who liked PJ Harvey were not available that night, and the brothers (# 1 and 2) who were PJ Harvey fans expressed disinterest on the grounds that they’d seen her before. However, Brother #3 (it can be handy to have a lot of siblings in these situations) is a huge Sonic Youth fan, so I decided to go with him and see Sonic Youth. I booked the tickets. Decision made.

Lo and behold, days later, brothers# 1 and 2 had a change of heart, got motivated, and booked themselves tickets to PJ Harvey! Not only that, but then Sonic Youth announced a second show, so those lacksadaisical brothers also booked tickets to that, and through their slackness, they got to see both concerts. How annoyed at them was I? Very!

But a third band/muso that I’m dying to see? I’m a bit stuck to think of one that’s still alive/together that I haven’t yet seen and am really dying to see. There are bands it would have been great to have seen before they split up, there are bands I had tickets to but didn’t get to for one reason or another, and there are bands that I’ve seen already that I’d happily see again….but I guess those are other stories, for other posts!


PS, once again this is a Plinky prompt, but the sharing function on Plinky just doesn’t seem to work any more.

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