Air Supply v. Yoga Mat – who will win?

On the front page of my blog, there is a race going on! It’s the race for most frequently read post, and at the moment the contenders for top positionYoga Mat - 3 views are a post about Air Supply, and a post about a yoga mat. Proving that there is no accounting for peoples’ interests, I guess. An exploration of why Air Supply cried on planes, or an in-depth investigation into the dangers of using yoga mats? You be the judge.

I enjoyed writing both those posts, but have to admit my personal favourite is the post on Air Supply, so I’m secretly pleased when I see it on top of the list. I know the reality is that most people must land on it by accident when searching for “Air Supply” and they probably look at it for .0001 of a second before going back to the Google search to find something sensible about Air Supply,  but so what? Isn’t that part of the fun of having a blog? There  is nothing to stop me imagining that 100s of people have read and enjoyed it. I can pretend I have a loyal following of 100s of regular readers if I want to – no-one else is going to be harmed in the process!

Also on the front page of my blog is a list of recently written posts. This lists a maximum of 15 “recently written” posts.  As I usually only manage to write about one post a week, or less, this list is actually a snapshot of what, in the last 15 or so weeks of my life, struck me as being worth writing about. 15 weeks – that’s more than a quarter of a year that’s flashed by, summed up by a quick glance over that “recently published” list.  Looking over it, I see that the last quarter of my year has been marked by posts about Black Holes, the Beastie Boy Bandit, tea bags, and cockroaches. Hmmm.

Because this list is updated every time I publish a new post, I usually check what post is currently at the bottom of that “recently published” list, because that one is going to disappear completely off the home page when I publish a new post.

Ah, cruel and fickle fate! One moment “recently published”, the next moment, with the mere click of a button,  relegated to the ancient past, only to be accessed via a search through “categories” or when someone accidentally stumbles across it when googling “my parents are out and harry potter comes into my house at night.”*  Once the link to the post is gone from the home page list, it seems to my technically illiterate mind that the entire post has vanished from the 3-dimensional world that I live in, and gone into a parallel universe known as “cyber space”. There, it is trapped in a sort of twilight zone from which it can never escape, and where it will only ever be read by the odd person who accidentally steps into the wardrobe, so to speak.**(Apologies to anyone who is actually technically literate. Although I imagine if you are technically literate, you probably don’t even read this blog in the first place, so forget I said that.)

Air Supply - 3 Views

I guess that, like anyone who tries to do anything creative, I feel a bit of affection, or even some probably misplaced pride, in posts that I enjoyed writing and thought were successful. (By successful I mean that I’m happy with them, not necessarily that they had more views than any other post – in some cases it’s totally the opposite!)  So what I’m getting at is, I’m kind of reluctant to force them into obscurity by making them disappear from the front page. If I publish this post, then the post that will disappear is another favourite post, called 1982 Out of the Blue. It didn’t get many views – I felt like it deserved more. Is it time to banish it forever to the twilight zone?

Well, if you are reading this…..then I guess it’s time was up!


* someone actually did search the phrase “my parents are out and harry potter comes into my house at night” and land on my blog – no idea how!

**That’s a reference to The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, just in case you couldn’t work out where the hell the wardrobe came into the process. It was kind of taking the place of a search engine in my poorly constructed metaphor. If you are still confused, don’t worry, we all are.

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  1. weebluebirdie

     /  November 11, 2014

    I do admire how you shamelessly have me flitting across your posts just because I like yoga mats 🙂 Mine didn’t even come in a box, so clearly substandard. And because I have to put my glasses on to read anything smaller than a road sign, I wouldn’t have bothered reading the instructions anyway. Because like you say, a couple of posts back, a yoga mat is like a pair of pants.


    • Hello, and thanks for reading! It’s so weird that you happened to read those particular posts yesterday since most have not been looked at in a while, and I was just working yesterday on a post linking back to some of the posts from my “yoga mat/air supply” period. When I saw your likes and comments I thought “Oh no, don’t tell me I’ve accidentally hit “publish” on another unfinished post again!” but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

      In any case, I’m very pleased to have you flitting across my posts and hope you enjoyed them!



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