Writing about crying on planes

Well it’s pretty certain that, by now, any regular readers will have given me up for good, assuming that I’ve totally forgotten that I even have a blog.

But no, dear reader, (hell, there may still be one out there somewhere!) – I have not forgotten that I have a blog. Nor have I completely lost interest in the enjoyment to be gleaned from writing. And I do still recall that you need to do one, in order to have the other.

It’s just that in the last few months I’ve contrived to make my life so busy that I am unable to find any time for the luxury of just sitting and writing. (Did I mention that I took on a second job in August last year? If you are by any chance the sole remaining regular reader, you will know that was not great timing for me.) So my blog has been sitting, languishing, with nothing new on it since last month.

Now, it happens that letting your blog sit for a month without writing a post is not a tactic that gets much of a mention in the plethora of advice about how to generate more readers for your blog. I am, however, clocking up useful research if I ever decide to write a book on how to lose readers and not influence people.

Luckily, though, non-regular readers won’t have noticed my lack of regular posting, so I’m grateful for each and every god-damn random one of them! Their views of my blog make me feel as though people are reading my blog with avid interest, even though I know that most of them are only searching for pictures of Air Supply.

After landing on one of my posts about Air Supply, I’m sure that most Air Supply fans move on quickly to find more – probably even better – pictures of Air Supply, as well as actual information about Air Supply. You certainly won’t find out here why Air Supply cried on planes, although since writing that post over a year ago, I’ve gained some unwanted insight into why people might cry uninhibitedly in a public place. Perhaps each of the Air Supply boys had a dearly loved younger brother who died suddenly.

Ah yes, that’s right. My brother died. And it’s hard to write about anything else.

I did manage to write a post last month that was not about my brother – the first one for months. If you’ve been reading regularly, I hope you enjoyed that one, because they may not be frequent.

(If you are just here to find pictures of Air Supply – Hi! Thanks for dropping by! For pictures of Air Supply,  just check out the Tags section and hit Air Supply. You’ll find real pictures and made-up ones.)

But this is a real reason for being unable to write very often at the moment. Yes, it’s true that I’m too busy with work most of the time, but even so, when I am not, I prefer to switch off and distract my mind – reading or going out. I don’t want to continually write posts exploring my feelings, because that will just mean a blog full of depressing posts. But I refuse to pretend that I don’t still think every day about the devastating loss of my lovely brother. So that’s the bind I’m in: if I want to write another post, at least this time, I have to mention him.

So thanks to those of you who keep on looking for Air Supply pictures and landing here.

Air Supply. If it was true that they cried on planes,* I think I know how they felt.

Air Supply

Is this what you were after?

*As you can read about in my earlier post on Air Supply, there was a sentence on Wikipedia saying that in the early 80s the band was unwelcome on some airlines because they “cried excessively on planes”. This led to my PHD thesis** into why Air Supply cried on planes, but interestingly, since then the sentence has been removed from Wikipedia, so now you only have my word that it was there in the first place. 

**When I say PHD thesis, what I mean is, I casually mentioned this strange, out-of-context statement on Wikipedia in one post, and then I wrote a post entirely about it. So I’m about 89 000 words short of a PHD thesis, but hell, I think I will submit it anyway. I drew a picture, after all. That has to count for something. 

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