Here Comes the Rain Again….and it’s bloody cold, too!

Ok, so….February came skidding to an end just the other day, and BAM! – there went all the glorious warm weather! Must’ve flipped over and smashed into the curb when February landed.

The last week of February was a week of the most perfect weather we’ve had in Melbourne for…..well, actually, forever, according to my calculations. (I won’t accept any correspondence into this, because I used a scientific calculator.)*

Oh, it was joy! For 7 days, temperatures were in the high 20s to low 30s every day, the sun was shining, the birds were singing, the summer clothes we didn’t get to wear last (miserable) summer got an airing, and I even finally bought myself a pair of Birkenstocks! (Mostly because I finally found a pair that I liked.) People’s levels of optimism and tolerance for their fellow human beings were high, and everyone was in a great mood. Maybe that was aided by the glasses of pinot grigio they were sipping in their back gardens, but either way, it was a golden era, that we Melburnians will be talking about for years to come.

sunny garden

My backyard, back in those golden days when.....hang on! Who put that glass of pino grigio there???

Or at least, we’ll be talking about it for the rest of this god-forsaken, overcast, cold, soggy, sloshy week.

This week, we just can’t get over the extent of the change in the weather. This week I have heard many times, the phrase, “can you believe this weather? It’s like the exact opposite of last week!” (It was mostly myself that I heard saying it. Occasionally it was because I needed to make small talk with a client or someone else to whom I had nothing much to say).

As it happens, I made that comparison about relative opposites pretty flippantly, but after consulting my scientific calculator, I have decided that it is pretty accurate. After all, a more extreme example of rotten weather, like a snowstorm for instance, would be the exact opposite if it had been a sweltering, stifling, 45 degrees. Massive floods, for example, would be the exact opposite if it had been a dry, parched drought.

But it was only a lovely, warm, 29 degrees, so, yes, 16 degrees and steady rainfall probably is the exact opposite. I must admit though, that having just imagined those more extreme extremes, the sudden about-turn from a lovely warm 29 to a freakin’ cold 16, suddenly seems fairly ho-hum. It’s probably not extreme by the standards in some countries – but do they see such changes wrought overnight??? (I am not accepting any correspondence on this question either, thank you, it was rhetorical.)

Backyard in rain

Nope, there's no-one out there drinking pino grigio now.

*Because the photo above is taken with Hipstamatic, it is tinged with that warm, Hipstamatic golden glow, that makes it look all nice and warm and nostalgic, even though it’s clearly raining bucketloads. But that is just the magic of Hipstamatic – I can assure you that there is no lovely golden glow over the back yard at the moment, warm, nostalgic or otherwise. It looks more like this:

See - cold, grey, depressing, and blurry.

*The algebraic equation for working out how long it has been since the last week of perfect weather is T/d x P/pg = x, where T= the total of all the daily temperatures for the number of days selected, d= the number of days selected, P = the perfect temperature and pg = the difference between d and the last time you sat outside in the backyard with a glass of pinot grigio.

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