You can leave your hat on

What kind of hat suits my personality best???? Oh…alright, Plinky, I’ll take the bait.

Well, let’s see….what about a top hat?  Yes, that’s right, I am definitely the type to step out the door in a top hat. It would go nicely with my denim jeans and sneakers. And as for personality, well, people always comment on how my manners are very much like that of a 19th Century gentleman. Also, just the other day I was thinking about a career change to becoming ring-leader at a Circus – so I reckon I am well suited to wearing a top hat!

On the other hand, you have to exercise caution around top hats,  as wearing one the wrong way can apparently result in……… a painful death.

Ouch! It’s not a nice way to go.

Hmm, perhaps that is a bit risky after all. What if the hat is too big? I think I’ll skip the top hat idea. I’m too short to look dignified in a top hat anyway.

OK, then, what about a chic, French-style beret? Well, let’s see. Am I whimsical, quirky, stick thin, and have a knack for looking utterly glamourous in the simplest outfit (in other words, am I Audrey Hepburn?) Uh…no. (In fact, as you would know if you had done your homework and read this post, I am a lot more like a cross between Jodie Foster and a rhinoseraus.) So a chic beret is not for me. A rastafarian beret would suit my personality better.

A Jodie Foster Rhino

Is this Jodie Foster relaxing on a safari?

Alright, that is silly, obviously. I am not really suited to a rastafarian beret.  I am not chic and glamorous, but neither am I a hippie stoner. Plus I am an anglo woman with strawberry blonde colored hair inherited from my Irish ancestors who, in turn, probably inherited it from Scandanavian Viking ancestors some years earlier. I’m not a Jamaican with dreadlocks.

Not that any of the above relates to personality…hmmmm…’s as if this was a trick question and I am not passing the test.

So what about a cowboy hat then? Why hell no. I am just not the cowgirl type. I don’t yeehah!, -well, not too often anyway. I don’t line dance, nor ride a horse, nor even live in the country. I’m not the sort of inner city dweller who feels the need to  drive a stupidly unnecessary 4 wheel drive wagon, and nor do I feel the need to wear a stupidly unnecessary 10 gallon cowboy hat.

John Wayne in a 10 gallon hat

Looks ok on this guy I guess.

So, let’s see. As I am very fair skinned, with the strawberry blonde hair mentioned earlier, what about a broad brimmed sun hat? That would be practical, at least? Yes……but I still come back to my height and non-glamorous bearing, which does not make me someone who can carry off a wide brimmed sunhat. Dear me…hats are tricky when you are not tall, aren’t they?! And this question is supposed to be about personality and not looks….ironically, it seems that this initially rather silly question is revealing how much the two are tied together in my mind. No, I just can’t say that a broad brimmed sunhat suits my personality.  It requires too much 1950’s style glamour, and that is not me either.

Very wide brimmed hat

See, now, I couldn’t drive the car with that thing on my head.

So, what’s left? Beanies? Well great. A beanie is not really my hat of choice, looks wise, but yes, if the question revolves around personality, I think a beanie probably suits my personality most. In my opinion, my face looks as round as the moon  when encased in a beanie – but at least beanies don’t create a ridiculous lack of proportion for a shortish person, the way a top hat or a broad brimmed sun hat would do. Beanies are simple and practical, and perform the function they are meant to, ie, they are likely to stay on your head in windy conditions and they keep you warm in the cold, and for all those reasons I have a soft spot for them.

So now that has been settled, perhaps I will get one of these beanies. The built in dreadlocks  would be perfect for the office.

Rasta hat with dreadlocks

Almost the spitting image of me

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