Writing about reading…about writing

It’s a glorious sunny (if cold) winter morning in Melbourne – must be time to write a post, surely?

The last post I wrote was about some books I’ve read recently. That was 2 weeks ago, and since then, I’m sure that the entire english speaking world has been sitting on the edge of it’s seat, wondering – what will she read next????

Well…sorry to disappoint on such a massive scale, (once again, phew! – it’s lucky that you all only exist in my imagination, because that way you probably won’t hold a grudge), but so far I’ve read…..nothing. Well, nothing by way of a book, that is.

My biggest problem with reading books is deciding what to read next when I’ve finished a book. I look over our hundreds of books, (it’s like living in the fiction wing of a small local library here) and…..nothing grabs me.

You know how people often remark, about such things as going to the dentist, attending job interviews, or getting out of bed on a cold morning, that thinking about it is the hardest part. (They are very wrong, by the way, but, nevertheless, it is what they say!) For me it’s a bit like that when deciding what to read next. Since my last post, I’ve read a few newspapers, and perused other people’s blogs, but I have not yet made a decision about what book to embark upon next.

This is a shame in terms of my blog readership, which almost doubled when I wrote a post about reading books!

(Hopefully, by saying that it “doubled”, I have cleverly managed to imply that the number is impressively large, but, in reality the number would not amaze anyone except my mother).*

Admittedly, it makes perfect sense that people who write and read blogs are interested in the topic of reading, and books, but I had not given it much thought before.  I’ve written plenty of posts referencing literary authors and/or their works – see my posts on Waiting For Godot, Macbeth,  Neitzche and his moustache, and Jane Austen and how she didn’t have one (a moustache), and they didn’t have the kind of response that this post had. Apparently it is specifically the mention of books, and reading, that gets lots of people doing just that! Well, I learned a lesson there.

these things are what I’m talkin’ about

The trouble is, those kindly folk who spontaneously subscribed on the basis of one post about reading books, could be disappointed by the next 200 posts I write, as, judging by the direction this blog seems to be going in so far, it seems likely that a post about books could just as easily be followed by a post about yoga mats, a post about moustaches, a post about Jane Austen, or a post about a rhinoceros with boiled eggs for eyes.

So, new subscribers, maybe you’ll enjoy the ride, or maybe you’ll decide to unsubscribe when you see that I’m not (necessarily) going to write about books, or writing, every time I post here. Who knows, I might write a post about a book next week…..or I might write a post about chewing gum. I don’t like to plan this far ahead. Either way, I thank you for tuning in, even if temporarily, and wish you well.

My reason for stating this is that I’m not always a terribly decisive person, so it was a surprise, even to me, that when I started this blog, there was one thing I was really clear about, which was that I  didn’t want to have an “angle”.  I’ve read the advice that focussing on a particular area of interest is a good way to gain more readers, but, I’m interested in a lot of stuff. I don’t really have a particular area of interest (unless it is “the arts”) (if “the arts” includes contemporary rock and electronic music) and, more to the point, don’t want to tie myself down to writing only about books, or music, or yoga mats, or moustaches. I want to write about all of the above and more. Even with my limited knowledge of SEO and WTF**, I get that rambling about any topic under the sun, without any particular angle, is not going to gain readers in huge numbers, and that is fine.

And if I happen to change my mind, and develop a burning passion to write a blog solely dedicated to moustaches (it’s just an idea…), I’ll probably start a separate blog to do that, and continue to write this rambling and personal perspective on the world as a sideline. It may not be a big seller, but I’m quite happy with it that way.


*(My mother is familiar with the traditional numerical system, but not familiar with the idea of strangers around the world reading one’s ramblings on their iphone.)

**SEO = Search Engine Optimisation, WTF = Web-based Total Fabrication

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  1. goldfish

     /  July 2, 2012

    Mustaches are a terribly important and under discussed topic.


  2. it’s okay, I don’t really now what my angle is either. I’m pretty sure I just divided my life into a few major categories and used them to file random posts so that it looks like a have a topic.


    • I just took a peek and you are doing a pretty good imitiation of having an angle alright! Looks like fun – I’ll have another look when I’m not at work! 😉



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