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I’ve always been cautious about participating in group activities, but it seems I was tagged by Goldfish to play a blogging game. The rules of the game are:

1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.
3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.
4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them.

5. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.

(Why did rule number 5 decide to distance itself from the other rules with a gap, and distinguish itself with a lack of italics? I don’t know – apparently it has a mind of it’s own. Watch out for that rule, it’s a renegade.)

OK, so – my first thought on this blogging game is – where did 11 come from? Why 11? Wouldn’t 3 be quite enough work for anyone?

My second thought is – well this kind of does half the work for me in writing a blog post, all I have to do is fill the gaps. Sort of.

So far I’ve chosen not to respond when I’ve been nominated for any blogging awards, as I have such a tragic combination of low self-esteem and a high sense of personal privacy that I feel uncomfortable trumpeting about being nominated for an award, uncomfortable about hurting anyone’s feelings by NOT nominating them, and also don’t want to put other people who don’t even know me, in the same position!  I also worry that some people I could choose to tag, blog in a particular style or only about a particular topic, and therefore may not want to engage in answering a quiz on their blog. Hmmm, yes, years of therapy might help, it’s true.

Well, anyway, I thought I’d give this one a go. Since it’s not an award but a game, nominating other people doesn’t really mean I’m singling anyone out, leaving anyone out, or embarrassing anyone. Well that’s what my uptight brain thought before I decided to give it a go, anyway.

So here we go:

Rule 1 – done. (see above if you’re not keeping up.)

Rule 2 – a photo and 11 things about me.

A Jodie Foster Rhino

Is this Jodie Foster relaxing on a safari?

So there’s a photo that’s an approximation of me. (Explanation here.)

1. Special skill: deciphering bad hand writing.

2. Special lack of skill: can not make a custard, white sauce, or anything that needs to thicken in a saucepan while you stir it. I have followed recipes to the letter, only to end up with a gluggy, lumpy mess resembling vomit. Therefore, do not ask me, sir, to make your custard, for I will not do it!

3. Can not even write a list of 11 things about myself without turning each bullet point into a ridiculously long and rambling story.

4. Has Irish heritage (could this be the reason for no. 3?)

5. Once painted the interior of a groovy clothing store in Melbourne’s CBD, with some artist friends. This was when I was an artist. The paint job is still there, unlike my career as an artist.

7. Once went skiing. In the Rocky mountains. Where else, daaahling? I actually didn’t want to, (the idea of participating in sport and clomping around in a figure hugging bodysuit put me right off) but I ended up enjoying it.

8. I’ve never skied (is that correct past tense of ski?) again. Too many logistics, too much “gear” required, and too much cost involved. But it was fun that one time!

9. Will probably review and rewrite these 11 points about 11 times before I’m satisfied with them. Or maybe I’ll just publish them full of errors and all because I’m delirious with lack of sleep. In short, I have no idea what I’ll do.

10. I went to bed at 4.30am this morning and was awoken at 8.45am.

11. That is because I spent 10 hours last night in the Emergency Ward with my daughter, to establish that her stomach pain was “almost definitely not appendicitis, although we could be wrong.”

Ok, moving on to the next rule:

3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.

Would you rather be a dog or a cat?

Hmmm, my priority right now would be, who sleeps more, because I’d like some of that. Maybe….a cat.

What’s your favorite song? Either of the moment or all time.

I will nominate a favourite song of the moment. That would be Six Bells Chime, by Crime and the City Solution, after seeing them play it live on Sunday!

If you were sentenced to death, what would be your last meal?

Either Nigella Lawson’s Trifle with berries and a gorgeous mascapone custard that doesn’t require any cooking (see above re cooking custard), or a really amazing cream brulee. Hell, it’s my last meal, maybe I’ll have both. 2 serves of each, thanks, skip the mains. If I’m forced to have mains, please involve scallops.

What’s your favorite holiday?

The holiday that will forever live in my memory is the week we spent down in Wilson’s Promintory, in a gorgeous little cottage, with two of my brothers,in 2009. The location was  lovely, there were eucalyptus trees and bushes and herbs growing all around the house, and beaches about a 20 minute drive away. Of course the reason it will always remain special in my memory is that it is the only holiday I can recall spending with my brother John, (there may have been others when I was a kid that I blocked from my memory) and the most concentrated period of contact I ever had with him, I guess. But it was also just a really lovely holiday – I think I’d look back fondly on it even if he hadn’t died 18 months or so later.

If you could travel to any country for free where would you go?

I’d probably go to the USA and visit San Fransisco and New York.  I’ve been to both these cities already, but I loved them both and would love to visit them again, so if the trip was free, why not?

What’s your phobia?

Responding to blog quizzes. No, I don’t really have a phobia but I inherited from my mum an amazing ability to analyse the worst that might happen in any new situation. At a lovely holiday house in the middle of gum trees and bushes? (see above) Naturally I contemplate that if a bushfire occurred, as visitors with no idea of a fire plan, we’d be sitting ducks. At a band gig with about 4000 other people inside on a 36 degree day? Naturally I contemplate that if there is an emergency and everyone runs for the door I could get trampled to death.

The difference between myself and my mother is that I don’t obsess over it to the point of being able to focus on nothing else and become highly anxious until  the cause of the anxiety is removed – but these thoughts do briefly go through my mind.

If there were no consequences, what would you do that’s illegal?

Burn dvds. No seriously, if there weren’t consequences, I’d probably drink more when I’m driving. So that wouldn’t be a good thing.

Do you play an instrument? Or; If you could play an instrument, what would it be?

I learned the piano for about 4 years but gave it up because I was sick of learning the excerpts of classical pieces required for passing exams, and wanted to learn “popular” songs. I’m sorry I never learned how to play that guitar I bought about 20 years ago, but maybe one day when I’ve got time I’ll have lessons!

What’s the nicest thing that anyone has given you?

Something they made themselves, especially for me.

Are you crafty? I don’t mean deceitful, but making things by hand.

People always think I will be crafty because I did a degree in Fine Art and used to paint, but actually I’m terrible with anything 3 dimensional. I can barely manage to wrap a present and make it look presentable. When it comes to making art, I only like the 2 dimensional world. A card is about as 3 dimensional as I get, and I don’t make those very often.

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Option 3. What, there isn’t an option 3? Well, when it comes to sleep I’m probably closer to the sloth. I like as much sleep as possible, at both ends of the day. Unless I’m out having a great time, I am like a robot that switches into “yawn and go to bed” mode at 10.30pm. I never voluntarily arise before 7.30am, but if I’m forced to on pain of death, I’ll feel tired all day, regardless of what time I went to bed. Maybe I use up a lot of energy dreaming.

4. Create 11 new questions and tag new people to answer them.

1. How many goats does it take to fill a bath on Tuesdays, if the train from Central Station is travelling at 8 miles per hour, and all the stations are under water due to floods?

2.  If a dozen cats sit in a tree singing “Moon River”, how many cats will be left when the cheese souffle in the oven is cooked?

3. Do cows ever get bored with standing around in paddocks chewing grass? And if given the chance, would they rather be ice-skating?

4. If you had an imaginary friend, what was his/her/its name, and what did you guys get up to together? (If you didn’t, you get off one question. Pass Go, collect $200.)

5. Quote a line from a Dr Suess book and tell us what it means to you. If you have to use Google to find a line from Dr Suess, go straight to Jail and do not collect $200.

6. What other purpose can a catflap be used for, since clearly cats have no intention of using them?

7. What do you think Shakespeare meant by the line “Macbeth does murder sleep” (Answers will not necessarily be disadvantaged by not making reference to the play Macbeth.)

8. Does anyone really understand quadratic equations, or do maths teachers just grow bushy beards and wear worn out cords so that everyone thinks they do?


Yeah, sure.

9. Who wins the worst moustache competition – Nietzsche or Twain?


A moustache, with Nietszche attached to it.

10. Who came first, the chicken, the egg, or the cockroach? Bonus points for naming the date, time, place and name of the first arrival. (Basis in truth is not a criteria for this answer)

11. If a blogger sends 11 silly questions into cyberspace, does anyone hear them land? If so, what sound do they make – a splash, a squelch, or that noise that the office chair makes in staff meetings that sounds as though you farted?

Phew! Ok, final rule:

Select new people to answer those questions and tag them, then go to their blog to let them know you’ve tagged them.

Now this may be controversial, but I’m lazy, and it’s now after 10.30pm Thursday night and I’ve had 4 hours sleep since Wednesday morning and intended to go to bed much earlier for that reason, I’m just going to tag one blogger. I may add others later, but I’ve chosen this blogger because she seems to write about lots of different topics, with a humorous approach, so I think she may be happy to do this quiz/game and might even be willing to take on my ridiculous questions (I probably wouldn’t!). That is:

Lucky Wreck

That’s it!

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  1. suckitupnotin

     /  February 21, 2013

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA those questions! LMAO!!


    • Glad they made you laugh! My inspiration for the really nonsensical ones was Dame Slap, from the “Faraway Tree” books by Enid Blyton. Putting the fun into maths!


  2. Thank you for thinking of me, Blathering! Game on! 🙂


    • I also wanted to mention that I feel EXACTLY the same way about blog awards (well, I’ve only been nominated for one :P), but, I didn’t want to not acknowledge the person who nominated me, at the same time, I didn’t want to NOT nominate anyone…. I’m always worried about hurting peoples feelings…And then, there’s the low self-esteem thing…I know I should probably change that and practice tooting my own horn, and I admire it when people do (in a nice way), but the thought of tooting my own horn feels uncomfortable!


  3. Yep, i feel the same thing about blog awards… When I am nominated for one, I go thanks the person (leaving a comment on their blog) and forget about it. I don’t want to show it off on my blog (low self-esteem here too) and you know, I really don’t like bragging (unless I could brag something to my husband lol!) and it does feel like this: Hey everyone, see? I’ve been nominated for an award someone made up from nowhere so we can brag about it… Just seems weird and autocongratulating. *sigh* thanks for the occasion to ventilate on this!


  4. Love your 11 questions by the way!!! so witty 😉


  5. I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award.
    You can find the details here 🙂


  6. I nominated you!
    ^ All should become clear. 🙂


  1. TAG! | Lucky Wreck

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