I found some questions to the answers

It’s time to answer a few questions.

There were questions posed a few weeks ago by 2 bloggers who nominated me for a Liebster award, and I have not as yet answered them, although I did manage to write a whole post loosely inspired by being nominated!

Anyway, I’m sure no-one is stewing over my answers, but I like to finish what I’ve started. (Actually that’s a cliche that’s not necessarily true, there are some things I don’t mind leaving unfinished, such as housework, or that interior design course I began in 1991.)

So let’s settle back for question time. I will probably only get through one batch of questions today, so I’ll do the questions that came with the first nomination. These were posted by Yeahthtsme.

  1. What is your biggest dream in life?

Ah, dreams. (takes sip of low-calorie soda and assumes a wistful grin) I guess by “dream” we understand that this answer can be something that will never happen. In ascending order of how unlikely they are to ever happen: I’d love to leave my job in arts administration and do a job with a much larger emphasis on writing skills, or even just basically write, for a living. I’d also like to co-host a radio show. Those two careers would go quite nicely together, as I could spend time writing my own material. If only I’d thought of this 20 years ago.

2. Name one expensive thing that you bought and now regret buying.

Well I’m a bit annoyed about the Breville blender that blew up after about 4 months of use. It was supposed to have cost about $350 although I used a voucher to cover half of that. I swapped it over (still under warranty), and now the brand new replacement model seems to emit a burnt smell when it’s used. I’m not really losing sleep over it since it’s still under warranty, but it’s disappointing and tedious to have to keep taking them back. I don’t really buy expensive things, so that’s about the best I can do for this question.

3. If you were a waiter and a customer was being rude, would you spit in their food?

Oh damn it, I always have such a conscientious and professional work ethic, that I probably wouldn’t! But if I was a waiter, I’d be the clumsiest waiter that had ever existed so there would be a high chance that the rude pratt would end up wearing their soup!


4. Who do you look up to most in life?

As I am only about 158cm tall, I look up to most people, including my 13 year old daughter.  Probably the only people I don’t look up to are my mother, and my petite friend Claire. Since she left, I now have the dubious honor of being the shortest person at my place of work.

5. If you could be invisible, where would you go and what would you do?

I’d head into this store where I’d help myself to multiple new pairs of shoes!! In real life, I’ve never bought a pair of shoes there, because I just simply can’t justify spending over $200 on an item of clothing. (see above re. expensive items.) I just admire them longingly.



6. Which is a favourite post of your’s and why?(links are welcome)

There was a golden age on this blog, and it was late 2010, to mid 2011. Back when no-one (alright, perhaps one real live person!) was reading it. All my favourite posts are from back then. I tend to think, or hope, that it’s because of some life events that happened since then, namely, the death of a close friend who enjoyed my sense of humour and regularly read my blog, and then, shortly after that, the death of my younger brother who wouldn’t even know what a blog was, but whose absence left an even bigger chasm in my life. One such favourite is this one about the history of the universe.

Why? Well, I suppose because it draws on historical fact but is written in a humorous style that was hopefully entertaining to read. Also, it stayed focussed on the central motivation to write it, which was to try and illustrate one mind-blowing fact that epitomises how amazing the universe is. That was the star that exploded at the beginning of my Very Brief History, whose light travelled through the billions of years of pre-history, and history, that I covered (in less than 1000 words – beat that, Stephen Hawking!), until it was finally close enough to be seen from earth, about 5 years ago. Once again – Wow.

7. What’s your favourite song?Why?

Today it is Bloodbuzz Ohio, by The National. Why? Um….the drums at the beginning, the way the song takes off and runs with it, the pause 3/4 of the way through when you know that after a beat or two, the drums are going to kick in again – it’s a very satisfactory whole package. Highly recommended.

8. If your life was turned into a movie, what actor would play you?

I could only give the project my approval if Jodie Foster agreed to do it,  and of course, regular readers would know that her contract needs to include a clause stating that to be authentic, she must lumber like a rhino. (see this post)

9. Who do you think is the most annoying person?

There is no doubt that the title of Most Annoying Person (I felt that it deserved some Upper Case Treatment) is reserved for a colleague* at my work. This person arrives somewhere between 10.30 and midday most days (I believe her negotiated start time is meant to be 10am) but her timesheet will usually show after the fact, that she was in at 9.30am. So, although she is more often than not, only in the office for around 5 hours on any given day, she manages to continually clock up “TIL” (time in lieu) and use this fictional TIL to take real days off work! Grrrr!

10. Your favourite movie, book?

Favourite movie – like everyone, I have sooo many – but the top of the list is probably a tie between What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Memento.

Favourite book – until recently it was The True History of the Kelly Gang by Peter Carey. I loved the way he wrote it in the voice of Ned Kelly. It’s told in a stream of memories from someone with little education, who knows that he’s doomed, and the way the story rushes through whole paragraphs unconstrained by punctuation captures the sense of his life rushing towards it’s infamous end. After reading it, I became a Ned Kelly nerd for a while. I was obsessed with how fascinating the characters and the story were, and had to read every book about the Kelly gang that I could get my hands on. (I’ve recovered – I now couldn’t even tell you what year he died or where he lived.) But that was recently usurped by a new contender for the crown,  Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. I wrote about that here.


Before: looks like many other hipsters around Melbourne

  • 11. What does your blog mean to you?

It’s the place where I write whatever takes my fancy. I like writing because it enables me to express myself, and takes some skill required to do it well. Whether or not I’m doing it well, I don’t know, but I enjoy crafting a sentence. Even back when I was writing essays in English literature at school, I realised that writing was a reflective activity, that can lead to discoveries about myself and the world around me. I’m forced to think about why a particular post is my favourite, for example, or who I look up to the most, in order to express that in a piece of writing. I definitely have a curiosity about the world and the need to reflect about myself and what it all means, so I guess it’s my creative outlet for doing that.


*Although I used the word “colleague” I really mean “manager”.


After: looks like an early prototype for Darth Vader.

PS: Update on Liebster Award To Do list:

I’ve still got 11 more questions to answer, then I have to devise questions myself, and nominate the people to answer them. As before, stay tuned…..I will get there, I hope!  Now….back to work/cooking dinner/all those other things that get in the way of writing blogs!

PS again – for anyone playing at home, who likes to work out what song I’ve referenced in the post title (many, but not all, posts are named with titles or lines from songs) this post is a line from a song by INXS, Here Comes, from the Shabooh Shoobah album.

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  1. I’d love it if you could write full – time…and have a radio show! I often have ADD (even for reading my OWN posts), but your posts are always very captivating. Can’t wait to read your questions! I was wondering if any of them would involve who “they” are? HAha! 😉


    • Wow, thanks! I feel flattered to hear that my post captivated you despite your ADD! 😉 Good idea, I might use that -it’s about time that question was asked!


  2. You are indeed writing extremely well! I love the humor you use!!! Witty, sacarstic, and self derising all at once… The best!!! Keep it going 🙂



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