An accidental post

Dear readers, in a half-awake state this morning, attempting to reply to a comment left by Draliman on my last post, I managed to write and publish a short and succinct post instead, without even realising it until I logged back in later and wondered what the mysterious “unnamed” post was that was showing up in my stats.

This is apparently what happens  when I try to write comments in the morning, before having a coffee, using my phone, and probably squinting because I wasn’t wearing my relatively new reading glasses.

I’m sure any regular reader would have guessed this post was a mistake since I am usually unable to write less than 1000 words, even when sending a quick email at work to say I’ll be out of the office for an hour.

To put this in context, I am responding to Draliman’s comment that as soon as he saw the words “Too shy shy”, the name Kajagoogoo popped into his mind. 


Sad isn’t it, how our brains (or mine, at least) can’t recall information learned at school, like, for example, who was Prime Minister of Australia during the 1st World War, but can retain knowledge of these lyrics.


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  1. Heh heh 🙂
    Zero-coffee blogging can be fraught with danger.



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