The Sounds of Silence

Hello darkness my old friend

I’ve got insomnia again,

although I wish that I was sleeping,

instead my thoughts are gently seeping

and alertness has taken over my brain

and remains

within the sounds of silence


With restless thoughts I turn and toss,

recalling convos with my boss,

remembering the tasks I need to do,

noting most of them are overdue,

when my ears are smitten by the rumble of a garbage truck

that gets stuck

and squashes the sound of silence


And in the iPhone light I saw

10 000 Tweets, or maybe more

people Tweeting without speaking

people Tweeting without listening

people writing Tweets that voices never share

and no-one dared

disturb the sound of silence


“Fools” I said “You do not know –

Lavender oil is the way to go.

Try it now, I do beseech you.

Follow me that I might teach you”

but my Tweets like silent raindrops fell

and echoed in the wells of silence


And the people bowed and prayed

to the neon god they made,

and the phone flashed out its warning,

in the words that it was forming.

And the phone said the battery is low, down to only 20 percent,

nearly spent.

And beeped, in the sound of silence.






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  1. Interesting…somehow, reminds me of the song from the movie ‘The Graduate’!


  2. Hahaa! I can hear the song…it has a whole new meaning, now 🙂


  3. The part about the people tweeting and not speaking or listening is a very apt comment. I hope you finally got some sleep!


    • I’ve noticed that even the midst of nonsense, some little truth often emerges. That was totally unplanned but it did seem apt. And thanks, yes, the past 2 nights I’ve slept, so I’m feeling much better!


  4. Very very good (and funny)! I actually sang it rather than reading it (it’s one of my favourite S+G songs).
    Very nice indeed 🙂


    • Thank you Draliman! I hoped that someone would sing it! I realised after I’d written it, & was adding tags, that it’s the second time I’ve parodied a song by S&G on my blog. I don’t know why their songs spring to mind for that purpose!



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