A banana in time saves nine (part 2)

The sky.

The light.

Sharp shadows in the late afternoon.

The ability to feel happiness at a simple thing like the sun shining in her back garden.

That was what she was thinking about, idly, in her kitchen one afternoon, when suddenly, she was struck by an observation: that the bananas in the fruitbowl had reached exactly the right amount of ripeness.

She was filled with joy, not so much at the ripeness of the bananas, but at her own observation of their ripeness. She was, after all, an aspiring writer, constantly scribbling away, but always about what was going on in her own head. This had become quite tedious to her, since she always had the same thoughts, and those thoughts were always self-conscious musings about her own state of mind, combined with self-referential commentary about writing – questioning the purpose of the activity, etc, etc. So it was exhilarating to make an observation about the outside world.

With a gasp, she grabbed the nearest scrap of paper, and on it, frantically wrote the following.

Today I noticed the bananas are exactly perfectly ripe. Or are they?? Sometimes there is no certainty anywhere. They are yellow and speckled, but if I was to eat one…..will it be (gasp) – OVERRRIPE?!!! Best not to find out. I reserve my judgement.

She was fussy about fruit, anyway. Carbohydrates are so much more reliable.


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  1. nice –

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  2. An ability to laugh – gently – at oneself is a valuable trait. It implies understanding of oneself whereas those who take themselves seriously understand neither themselves nor others.

    I understand about connecting with the outside world. Those of us who ‘live in our heads’, to coin a phrase, tend to regard promptings from the material environment as annoyances or unwelcome intrusions. Just occasionally, though, they produce something worthwhile and generate a brief spark of enthusiasm.

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    • Thank you Silver Tiger! I give your comment a very emphatic “LIKE.” I’ve never thought of this before, but as soon as I read your comment, it rang true: that those who take themselves seriously understand neither themselves nor others.

      Or, to put it another way, an ability to understand yourself and others imparts the ability to laugh at yourself.

      Thank you for this observation….I think it’s something I’ll be pondering for a while!



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