Wordsworth v Chandler (reposted)

It rained on my Chrysler all day long

as I sat high up in the Hollywood Hills,

peering through my binoculars

past a soggy clump of daffodils;

beside the lake, beneath the trees,

till I was hit and fell on my knees.


Things went black for a little while

and when I woke I smelled of gin,

– not casually as though I’d sipped,

but reeking, as if I’d had a swim –

Framed, I realised at a glance,

a hasty departure my only chance.


A dame beside me, fairly dead,

and on the floor my bloodied gun;

a pounding in my aching head,

once again I’m on the run.

To clear my name my only hope

And catch that Stinky McFlintoff, the dope.


And oft, when on my couch I lie

and tell this story to my shrink,

I wonder why I didn’t try

the window high above the sink;

instead of making for the door

and ending up here in the clink.

Noir detective with daffodils

Humphrey Bogart, wandering as lonely as a cloud, o’er Hollywood Hills.


With apologies to William Wordsworth and Raymond Chandler.


*First posted in 2014. Today I had a (very frivolous) conversation (over here) about combining totally unrelated styles, or genres, of writing – chicklit and dada, & this made me think of my previous attempt to merge romantic poetry and hard-boiled detective fiction – another two deliberately incongruous genres – together. I think you’ll agree it’s quite ground-breaking. Of course, I don’t expect academics to discover its subtle complexities and put it on their  Post-Truth-Era Australian Literature reading lists for another 10 years or so.

PS – how do others repost old posts? I can’t see any simple way to do it so I copied and pasted the text into a new post, which means the old one also still exists separately. I can’t work out how to repost any other way. If you know, please share!

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  1. Very nice. And visual. Hindsight is 20/20, yeah?

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  2. Oh yes, we can all see clearly with hindsight! Thanks for reading!


  3. In answer to your question, there are in principle several ways to insert one HTML document into another (which is what you would need to do in order to ‘copy without copying’). However, the bad news is that WordPress doesn’t allow any of them to be used in blog posts.

    I suppose this restriction is intended to prevent people sneaking dangerous or otherwise unwelcome material into the system but, whatever the reason, it means that the only way you can do it is to copy the original text and paste it into your post as you have done.

    The most you can do is to include a link which, when clicked, takes the reader to another page. That, of course, is not nearly as much fun.

    What, I wonder, would Wordsworth have thought of Chandler or, come to that, what would Philip Marlowe make of Wordsworth? I think he would have been a fan. (Marlowe, that is.)

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  4. I’ve never reposted but I guess you could “reblog” your own post using that little button next to the “likes”?



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