Wha-wha-wha-what’s it all about?

About this blog: There  is no plan for this blog. We are just going to have to see what happens.

(Update:) to my surprise, probably as much as yours, after a few months of writing this blog, it seems like the most recurring themes in this blog are moustaches and eyeballs. Not books, art, music, or anything I might have thought would become ongoing topics.

So if you are keen for information (I use the word loosely) on moustaches and/or eyeballs, stick around, since they seem likely to pop up in any post I write.

An example of a moustache I wrote about

About Me:  I am good at deciphering really bad hand writing. If you don’t believe me, please send me a hand written complaint in your worst writing and I will write up my translation on this blog.* (*address not supplied)

About Life: here’s a quote from actor Robert Downey Junior: ” the human experience is a sad, funny, beautiful thing, full of imperfection and irony.”


*Another update, 2012:

When I began this blog, a lot of my posts tended to have a humorous and slightly absurd slant, because that is how I like viewing the world. Suddenly in 2011, however, I experienced the deaths of two people I was close to, both under 50, both sudden, both occurring less than 3 weeks apart in completely unrelated circumstances.

One of those people was my younger brother John.

Since he died, my sense of humor is harder to muster, but writing is a good distraction, so I try to continue to post. For anyone who has experienced anything similar and would like to read the posts I wrote at that time, you can search the tags “brothers” and “grieving”.

Although these posts are the least viewed posts on this blog, I like to think that amidst the shock and pain I was in at the time of writing them, that I was still mindful of writing for an audience, and that they are worth reading. But I suppose I mention them here mostly because to me they will remain the most significant writing on this blog, and an ode to how terrible it was to suddenly lose my brother.

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  1. cath

     /  October 15, 2010

    Ace. Where’d you get the blog? I still can’t work the photo uploading thing.


  2. Have you tried wordpress? (there’s a link at the bottom of the page) It’s pretty easy to follow – clearly, since even I can do it! 😉 I haven’t worked out what all the extra bits and pieces do yet, but uploading photos is easy. Getting them to upload facing the same way around that you saved them on your computer…..not so easy! (Maybe if I had photoshop it would help!) You should start a blog too!! We can blog away together (although apart) while the rest of the world moves on to telepathic communication or whatever comes next. x


  3. Be it hard humour or your seemingly characteristic ‘blathering’, I have truly enjoyed reading your blog! 🙂 It’s good to know I’m not the only one who takes refuge in the writing of words. 🙂


    • Thanks for the feedback! I continue to blather, it seems, even in the comments. Words are very powerful tools, aren’t they – they can be great fun, and they can also break your heart. Thanks for reading!


  4. Ahh.. Moustaches. A funny thing to write about. And you know, deciphering awful handwriting is a rare gift! 🙂


  5. Hi!:) new to wordpress! U have an awesome blog!:)


    • Thank you! I’m certainly no WordPress expert and I wish I had more time for blogging. Whenever I have time to read other blogs I always find blogs that I’m envious of because they are so much better than mine, so your compliment is very much appreciated! Good luck with your own blog!


  6. You had me at ‘blathering’.

    My condolences on the sudden loss of your brother.

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