Music. Non Stop.

Music. It makes the world go around. Or at least, if you’re going to point out that there is no actual concrete evidence that music literally keeps the Earth turning on its axis, I will argue that there is no doubt that music provides a much-needed soundtrack for us humans as the Earth spins.

Because, of course, let’s face it, these days we are loathe to do anything unless we are accompanied by our own personal soundtrack. That is why Sony invented the Walkman (TM), which began our love affair with taking music with us wherever we go. So although you may express some doubt, I feel sure that, in the unlikely scenario that some mean-spirited alien managed to switch off all music,  Earth would stop turning in protest.  It would skid to a halt, and refuse to go on spinning around until someone got the music going again. Cue Bruce Willis.  Mission: reinstate music so that the Earth has a soundtrack and can start spinning again – thus, saving the world.

Bruce Willis

Saving Earth…again. (Soon as I download itunes.)

Anyway, like so many other people, I listen to music every day, and value music maybe more than any other art form – that is coming from someone who works in the arts, loves theatre, and used to practice as an exhibiting visual artist. I love the world of literature, and clearly I enjoy writing, and it would be hard to have to choose between the different forms of the arts if forced to give up all but one. But music evokes a response that is so much more instinctive, emotional, immediate, physical – even primal. Often my initial response is to the melody and rhythmn – there is no need to know what the lyrics are to decide that I like a piece of music. If the lyrics turn out to also be intelligent and interesting, that just adds another, more cerebral level of enjoyment and appreciation – and admiration.

Because of the place music has in my life, I’ve found myself writing posts about music that I like (and also music that I don’t like!). These are mostly stories, either memories of certain music, or speculations – often very silly – using certain songs as a starting point. Very few are anything that could be called a review. I’m happy to leave it to people who know what they are talking about, to write reviews, and there are plenty of really good blogs out there reviewing music. These are just pieces of writing that have taken music as their point of departure, or, started from some other point of departure, and ended up being about music.

It’s a work in progress, that  I hope you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed listening to the music, and writing them!

For every mood, turn turn turn, there is a reason, turn, turn turn…

Actually, this is an album that I never want to hear again.

Why, Oh Why did Air Supply Cry?

Hello, this is Joanie

And I’m sorry, but I’m not home…

1982…..Out of the Blue! 

The Beastie Boy Bandit and other rock related criminals.

Forgotten, again. Poor cockroaches! (contains lyrics to the Kim Salmon song, I am the cockroach.)

I’m Waiting for the Band

Well, It’s The Swing…..on cassette!

Autoluminescent. Thanks to Rowland S Howard for that one.

On The First Day I Saw Her

Where’s Your Head At? 

Ill Communication

Wuthering Heights

Every Day We’re Shuffling

Kiss Off

Yes Sir, I Can Boogee

Check It Out Now, The Funk Soul Brother

Still The Same

Smile, You’re Travelling

Corduroy and big hair (the night I met Michael Hutchence)

Tijuana Taxi

Too shy, shy, hush, hush, eye to eye

Life Isn’t Everything


*Discerning regular readers (and by this I mean all of you, even the imaginary readers) will notice that I like to title my posts after song titles, or lines of songs, whenever possible. By “whenever possible,” I mean, when a title or line I’m familiar with, comes to mind while writing the post. Not if I have to go searching for a suitable title, because that would be too restrictive and/or boring and we’d never get anywhere.

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  1. Love this post…although I listen to different music but totally get your view.Music sure is instictive and primal if it ain’t than you got it all wrong.It chooses you and not the other way round :p



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