Air Supply, Yoga mats and Celebrity Chef ears

It’s an astounding thing to contemplate: that anyone of the approximately 7 billion people in the world, given access to a computer and an internet connection could, in theory, locate my blog and read the ramblings therein.

I estimate that about 6.9 billion of you have still not managed to find your way to it, (that is something I will take up separately with my Marketing team after this session), but nevertheless it’s true that a tiny little sliver of the world’s population, representative of many different countries and continents, apparently view it on any given day. Probably for a brief second before realising it was not at all what they were looking for when they entered “4000 word essay on Macbeth” into their browser.

It’s always fun to check in and look over the search terms that caused people to end up, however briefly, landing on my blog. After all, it’s that first random selection of words entered into a browser that is responsible for introducing a reader to a new blog, and sometimes, for developing some long lasting blog-based friendships! Not only is it fun, but it’s a handy excuse to blatantly plug lovingly revisit some past posts.

A glance at the popular search terms over the last quarter reveals that leading the pack at number 1 is steady favourite, Nigella Lawson ears, followed in second place by Nigella Lawson’s ears. As I scroll down the list of popular search terms, I also spy variations such as nigella lawsons ears, nigella huge ears, does nigella lawson have big ears, and other variations on the theme. I feel a little bit bad about this – it certainly wasn’t my intention to hint that Lawson had elephant-sized ears when I wrote a silly post about her ears. Lawson has some great recipes that even I can follow and the woman makes a mean trifle, and has also been in the news for aspects of her personal life, but apparently the thing that people just can’t get enough information about is her (apparently enormous) ears. Ah, people.

Nigella Lawson

Nigella rambles as much as I do, but her recipes are better than mine!


Lawson’s ears have been very high on the searched terms on my blog for a year or more now, but long-time readers will recall that there have been other contenders for first place. There was a time when Lawson was vying for first place with  an Australian band from the late seventies-early 80s era, Air Supply. Well, people do still search for them, but I’m sad to report that Air Supply have slipped down to number 37* with only one search in the past quarter of a year for air supply 80’s.

Air Supply

Air Supply – going for the ‘boy next door’ look

Let’s face it, the 80’s are so long ago now that the only time you are likely to hear the words air supply and 80’s in the same sentence is when a paramedic is trying to resucitate an octogenarian.

A while back, Air Supply were in another neck-to-neck race to be the most popular search term on my blog, that time competing against yoga mats. Yoga mat still is a popular search term that remains close to the top of the charts, probably due to the silliness of this post about yoga mats, and it’s equally, if not even more silly, sequel, this post here. Other variations that people have searched include yoga matts, (hint: if your name is Matt and you run a yoga studio, I’ve got a great business name idea for you), nidra yoga pose, and yogamat.

Yoga Mat - 3 views

The question, why is there always one sock left over when you fold laundry? must have led the questioner to my post about The Behaviour of Socks, where I covered the well-documented phenomenon of the missing sock and illustrated how quantum physics could explain the disappearance of socks from the laundry. (I doubt that I mentioned anything about folding laundry, however, as I rarely do it myself. I prefer to let it pile up in the basket until it puts itself away, or rather, until members of the household make dents in the pile by taking out items when they’ve run out of clean underwear/socks/school uniforms.)

Back when I was writing the posts mentioned above, I could count the followers of this blog on the fingers of one hand, so when I first published a post about the song Hello This Is Joanie, it was read by almost no-one, but strangely, this one seems to be a sleeper: searches for that song appear to steadily increase in number each time I do this kind of review. In the past quarter, search terms have included: hello this is joanie, songs with joanie in them, sorry this is joanie, lyrics for the song hello this is joannii in sorry that im not home. Current trends indicate that by the year 2030, there will be a need for a Hello This Is Joanie iPhone app that provides wikipedia-like information related to the song, while playing the song (forwards or backwards.)

Exam hysteria must not have quite set in yet this term, as there are disappointingly few searches for another hot topic on my blog, how to write 4000 word essay in one day, (sic), nor are there the usual batch of questions about Macbeth. The only sign of a student somewhere out there, trying to write an English literature essay is this badly-phrased search: what does nothingness signified in the waiting for godot. What indeed? Nothing, probably. If still unsure you could try reading this, but it’s likely that you won’t find an answer to your question in amongst that drivel.

There are always a few entertainingly random phrases flung into the melting pot, and it’s sometimes hard to know why or how they landed on my blog. Some of those searched in the past few months include blob eating woman, reasons why year round school is a bad idea graph (that graph sounds like a good idea) and michael hutchence monologues on stage, as well as the eternal question, are 3/4 length pants daggy looking?  (no idea how that landed someone on my blog, as I don’t recall ever giving any fashion advice, but if you want my opinion – yes they are).

Finally, there are always lots of searches along the lines of these:  sudden death of my brother, only brother sudden death, letter to my brother who passed away, and my brother died in his sleep. Reminding me that there is someone out there every day, trying to find some meaning, or answer, or even just comfort, in the face of a sudden death. And that some things can’t be made light of.

Nigella Lawson v. Air Supply

It’s interesting to ponder the stats on this blog for a few seconds. After a few seconds it becomes less interesting, and if I spend more than a minute musing about them, then clearly I’m trying to avoid doing the dishes, but one thing I can tell in just a few seconds, is that posts about serious, sad topics like the death of my brother last year, do not get lots of views. And that Nigella Lawson’s ears are still a hot topic.

That people prefer to read humorous or impersonal writing to writing that is both sad AND personal is not surprising. I myself would probably steer away from an excerpt of a blog that sounded intensely sad and personal, by someone I don’t know.  I kept that in mind when I was writing those posts, and even while I was intensely grieving, I aimed to try and observe my experience rather than just blurt out my grief,  hoping that made the writing  worth reading. Whether I was successful in that endeavour or not, I don’t know.

But I find it intriguing to note how very few of more serious posts that mention his death or any other sad topic are ever viewed, even when I know a lot of readers only land on any given post by accident, in the course of searching for something else. Since I often title my posts after song lyrics or titles, eg I still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, and Where’s Your Head At?,  there is often no clue in the title that the content will touch on sad or personal things.

In the meantime, people are madly entering random phrases into search engines all day long, and the most popular terms searched category on my blog are still “air supply” (1964 searches), “smug” (706 searches), “yoga mat” (607 searches) and “cockroach costume” (302 searches).

Who would have thought there were so many people out there searching for cockroach costumes? Not me – I only used a picture of a cockroach costume because it was a lot funnier than a picture of a cockroach. For all their good qualities (I’m sure there must be some, but reading this post may not enlighten you any further on what they are), cockroaches are not on record as having displayed any slapstick humour, made any amusing observations, or uttered any witty comments, so far in the approx 300 million years that they have been on the earth for.

While these search terms have been at the top on my blog for a while now, causing it to be most visited by those seeking pictures of Air Supply (or perhaps of an air supply), there is a new contender rising to the top in past weeks. That is Nigella Lawson, and her ears.

Oh dear – I feel a bit guilty for having written a post (in the form of a song) about Nigella Lawson’s ears, which I wrote only because so many people were landing on my blog after searching for terms like “Nigella Lawson’s ears,” which  seemed delightfully absurd. Being a little bit slow, it only occurred to me when writing my silly post about her ears, that possibly people searched this term because of speculation that she has had plastic surgery on her ears, or something? I don’t know, because I can’t imagine having so much spare time in my life that I’d have nothing better to do than check on whether a particular celebrity chef had got work done on her ears. But if that IS the case, then my silly post, which innocently included the line “Nigella Lawson’s ears always stay in place” (only because “place rhymed with face, not because I was suggesting that they were glued in place!) – has probably not aided her cause.

In the last 30 days there have been searches for “Nigella Lawson’s ears” , “Nigella Lawson’s big ears” “Nigella ears” and “Nigella ears pictures” – just to name a few. Poor Nigella. Have people nothing better to do?

Then again, perhaps they are all just writing silly poems, as I did, and looking for inspiration. ??

an air supply – this one is portable!

Anyway, the result is that in this week’s stats, Nigella has overtaken the previously long-standing contenders for top post, which were Why, Oh Why did Air Supply cry? and Yoga Mats and Other Potentially Life Threatening Items, Part 2. (Part 1 has never reached the same level of popularity that it’s sister post enjoys). The fight is on, and it remains to be seen as to who will be the final victor. Personally I hope it is the post on Air Supply crying, which still remains one of my favourites. Interestingly, while starting off humorously, it also delved into some serious (although not personal) content. But I’m fully aware that the reason these posts about Air Supply and Yoga Mats are the most often read posts is because of the images contained in them. I realise that people search for images of Air Supply (and yoga mats, apparently) and land on these posts, but this does not prevent me from hoping that at least a small portion of those people might actually stop and read them when they get there, because I still like those posts and think they are worth a read.

John Wayne in a 10 gallon hat

I’m not Nigella Lawson.

So that’s it on Nigella Lawson v. Air Supply. We’ll have to keep watching, to see who wins the popularity race. But before I close off this week, I should mention a favourite search term on my blog this week. It was:

How long does it take to write an essay that is 4000 words long?

Well, dear reader, that is easy! Here’s how to work it out: write one word. (Preferably a word containing more than 4 letters, as teachers marking essays of 4000 words will expect at least a few of these.)  Time yourself. Now multiply the answer by 4000. That is how long it will take you*. Better get started!!!


*Thinking time not included. If thinking time is required, the above equation does not apply. Any contracted agreement entered into about the aforementioned 4000 word essay is null and void and no correspondence on this matter will be received.

I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

Part of the fun of a blog is that you get to observe a little snippet of what search terms people all over the world are typing into their internet browsers. It’s an insight into what really occupies people’s minds when they should be doing other things.

Take that young  investment banker over there, hair in a tight pony tail, and an extra large cafe latte next to her computer, typing away madly. Is she calculating how much interest her client’s investments are going to make? No, she’s typing “Nietzsche moustache” into her search engine (it’s in the top 50 search terms on my blog). Or that policeman, hunched at a desktop computer, frowning with concentration and typing with his index fingers. Is it an incident report that he is painfully inputting into his computer? No, he’s just typed “Nigella Lawson ears” into his browser. (that term has been searched for multiple times).

Sometimes it’s the mere fact that certain silly terms come up multiple times that is amusing. Who knew so many people were interested in cockroach costumes, dangerous yoga mats, rhino eyes, medieval beheadings, or “nick cave fake moustaches”? Not to mention Air Supply, which I won’t do, since I’ve mentioned them plenty of times before.

Then of course there are the terms that come up one time only, terms that are as unique and individual as the little grain of sand person who wrote them. Eg:

Jimble box jellyfish

rhino stumbling

horse moustache

please don’t piss on our heads and tell it’s raining (sic)

don’t feed the cockroaches

men crying on planes

avocado eyes

existentialism distracted by angst *

fuzzle webcams

are you lonely then call a meeting **

pregnant lady doing yoga and got stuck

how do I stop bleeding naturally on my amputated finger ***

being framed for hacking into facebook and my ip comes up help!!!!!

It’s a little bit mind boggling to wonder what was going on in some of those people’s heads. Or in some cases, hands.

For all the giggles I might get from the above, there are also some sad little snippets of other people’s lives, as evidenced by what they are searching for. For example:

don’t depend on anyone because even your shadow leaves you when you’re in darkness

why did my brother died suddenly (sic)

my mind has so much sadness what to do

my healthy brother suddenly stopped breathing and died

why my brother died

It is sobering, to be reminded of the sadness in the world, and that there are people out there feeling so much despair that they hope to find comfort by typing their feelings into a search engine.

Yet perhaps that in itself is not as sad as it seems. There can be comfort in knowing that other people have been through, or are going through, the same thing as you are. In this age of instant and accessible communications, that is actually one of the positive functions that so many personal blogs and websites can achieve. Sometimes you don’t want to talk to the people around you about how you feel, especially when they are not feeling the same way.

So, to those who were searching “why my brother died” – I’m so sorry for your loss.

I imagine that perhaps, like me, you hoped to hear from other people who had gone through the same thing. Perhaps, like me, you even held a deluded hope that you’d eventually locate an answer that proved that he hadn’t died at all. Or that announced that death is not as final as what we are always hearing.

But he’s been gone for 7  months now, and I haven’t found that answer yet.


*existentialism distracted by angst – an intriguing notion that certainly distracted me!

**be bored instead of lonely

*** I’m no first aid expert but I’d suggest that wrapping it up tightly and calling an ambulance would be more effective than using your amputated stump to type first aid questions into a computer!

Air Supply v. Yoga Mat – who will win?

On the front page of my blog, there is a race going on! It’s the race for most frequently read post, and at the moment the contenders for top positionYoga Mat - 3 views are a post about Air Supply, and a post about a yoga mat. Proving that there is no accounting for peoples’ interests, I guess. An exploration of why Air Supply cried on planes, or an in-depth investigation into the dangers of using yoga mats? You be the judge.

I enjoyed writing both those posts, but have to admit my personal favourite is the post on Air Supply, so I’m secretly pleased when I see it on top of the list. I know the reality is that most people must land on it by accident when searching for “Air Supply” and they probably look at it for .0001 of a second before going back to the Google search to find something sensible about Air Supply,  but so what? Isn’t that part of the fun of having a blog? There  is nothing to stop me imagining that 100s of people have read and enjoyed it. I can pretend I have a loyal following of 100s of regular readers if I want to – no-one else is going to be harmed in the process!

Also on the front page of my blog is a list of recently written posts. This lists a maximum of 15 “recently written” posts.  As I usually only manage to write about one post a week, or less, this list is actually a snapshot of what, in the last 15 or so weeks of my life, struck me as being worth writing about. 15 weeks – that’s more than a quarter of a year that’s flashed by, summed up by a quick glance over that “recently published” list.  Looking over it, I see that the last quarter of my year has been marked by posts about Black Holes, the Beastie Boy Bandit, tea bags, and cockroaches. Hmmm.

Because this list is updated every time I publish a new post, I usually check what post is currently at the bottom of that “recently published” list, because that one is going to disappear completely off the home page when I publish a new post.

Ah, cruel and fickle fate! One moment “recently published”, the next moment, with the mere click of a button,  relegated to the ancient past, only to be accessed via a search through “categories” or when someone accidentally stumbles across it when googling “my parents are out and harry potter comes into my house at night.”*  Once the link to the post is gone from the home page list, it seems to my technically illiterate mind that the entire post has vanished from the 3-dimensional world that I live in, and gone into a parallel universe known as “cyber space”. There, it is trapped in a sort of twilight zone from which it can never escape, and where it will only ever be read by the odd person who accidentally steps into the wardrobe, so to speak.**(Apologies to anyone who is actually technically literate. Although I imagine if you are technically literate, you probably don’t even read this blog in the first place, so forget I said that.)

Air Supply - 3 Views

I guess that, like anyone who tries to do anything creative, I feel a bit of affection, or even some probably misplaced pride, in posts that I enjoyed writing and thought were successful. (By successful I mean that I’m happy with them, not necessarily that they had more views than any other post – in some cases it’s totally the opposite!)  So what I’m getting at is, I’m kind of reluctant to force them into obscurity by making them disappear from the front page. If I publish this post, then the post that will disappear is another favourite post, called 1982 Out of the Blue. It didn’t get many views – I felt like it deserved more. Is it time to banish it forever to the twilight zone?

Well, if you are reading this…..then I guess it’s time was up!


* someone actually did search the phrase “my parents are out and harry potter comes into my house at night” and land on my blog – no idea how!

**That’s a reference to The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, just in case you couldn’t work out where the hell the wardrobe came into the process. It was kind of taking the place of a search engine in my poorly constructed metaphor. If you are still confused, don’t worry, we all are.

Why oh why did Air Supply cry?

Ok, it has been on my mind ever since my last post. Why on earth did Air Supply cry? Excessively? On board planes???  To such an extent that airlines refused to fly them????

If you’ve only just tuned in, I’m referring to my previous post, and the random sentence I came across on the Wikipedia* entry on Air Supply while doing some comprehensive research on the topic:

In the end of 1981 Air Supply were not allowed to to travel by plane to most locations in U.S. due to excessive crying by both memebers. (Sic)

Putting on a brave smile for the camera

The sentence is not given any context, but is just sitting innocently in a paragraph describing the albums they were releasing at that time, etc. So I don’t know if they cried excessively all day long from the moment they got up in the morning, or only cried excessively when they were travelling by plane. Or indeed, whether this sentence was sneaked into the Wikipedia page by someone who thought it was funny, which seems fairly plausible.

Regardless of its veracity, I enjoyed wondering about it. I tried googling “air supply crying excessively” and all I found as references were Wikipedia, and to this very blog, which I would not necessarily trust or recommend as a source of credible information, so I am none the wiser on how true it is.

(I have heard there are more, even possibly better ways to research, than just typing a sentence into Google, but luckily, I’m not writing a PHD thesis on Air Supply so I don’t really care. If I decide to write a PHD thesis on Air Supply, then maybe I will do a search on Yahoo as well.)

Left to make up my own theory, I surmise that all the crying done by the guys was a song writing strategy, akin to method acting, whereby in order to write all those syrupy love songs about being All out of love, etc, they had to continually keep themselves in a weepy state of mind. Just as Winona Ryder needed to shoplift in order to have the experience of being treated like a criminal, Natalie Portman had to learn to do ballet in order to have the experience of going mad, etc.

Perhaps, being from Australia, the boys felt homesick when touring all over the United States. Then they realised they could get mileage (pun intended) out of feeling that way, and so, like the true artists that they were, punished themselves for their art, devising extra long tours that involved flying criss-cross all over the States, just so that they could sit on the plane staring mournfully out the window and tear up about their loved ones back home. All in order to get into the right headspace to write a heartwrenching song that would soar to number 1 on the charts and have their fans weeping into their hankies.

And how hard does someone need to cry, in order to be banned from flying? At first I amused myself with the image of their excessive tears weighing down the plane, or perhaps everything on the plane becoming damp and mouldy. But then I spoiled the silly, and/or teary, and/or romantic mood we were all in at this point, and took a serious moment to ponder the notion of 2 grown men sitting on a plane crying excessively.

It is impossible to picture – because in civilised society, adults don’t cry excessively in public, do they? Particularly men.

When we see an adult crying in public, our cultural conditioning causes us to feel caution. We perceive an adult crying in public as someone to be wary of. It’s clear their distress has caused them to abandon the usual “rules” of polite behaviour by exposing their raw emotions to the world. We feel uncomfortable, because we fear that someone who has lost that sense of polite boundaries might implicate us in their messy display – for example by turning suddenly to us and asking us to help them. There is a risk of becoming entangled in something emotional and complex.

And perhaps our discomfort also stems from the awareness that we are all vulnerable to such distress. It’s a condition of being human, we can’t avoid suffering and emotional pain. All it takes is a spiralling of circumstances that wears us down until we have no emotional resilience left and are unable to stop ourselves from breaking down in public. All it could take is the sudden unravelling of our world through the death of a loved one, a massive emotional betrayal, a crippling financial loss. As the saying goes, There but for the grace of god go I….

And that is an uncomfortable thing to be confronted with in the middle of a shopping centre, or on a plane.

So if I imagine for a moment that this story happened to be true, then I’d have to guess that airline staff couldn’t cope with being made to feel so uncomfortable around two emotional, crying men, and refused to fly with them.

Who knows what the reason was and whether this story is even true? Only Air Supply.


*Note – an update in February 2012: we DO know that it was NOT true. I just checked Wikipedia again – & unsurprisingly, the sentence on Wikipedia has now been deleted. (I wonder if my post had anything to do with it disappearing.) Anyway,  the lesson I’ve learned for the future is to take a screen shot, but this time you’ll just have to take my word for it that it was there in the first place! 

An album I never want to hear again!

Listen to only one album for the rest of my life???? Nooooooooo!!!!! Please don’t make me do it again!

John Oates of Hall and Oates (I can tell it's him by the moustache) rides through the desert on a horse with no name, just to get out of the rain. How lame.

Yes, that’s right, again.  I already had to live through a time when I had no choice about the music I was subjected to, and the regular playlist was so limited it may as well have been just one album, repeated endlessly, over and over again every day. No, it wasn’t a dream, or school camp, I’m talking about my entire life up until the age of 18, growing up in a regional country town in Victoria, and listening to the local AM country radio station, 3BA.

In my memory, when I was entering my teenage years – in the early 80’s – and began to really care, the daily repertoire on 3BA consisted of about a dozen songs that had been played at least once daily for the last decade. What made it even worse was most of them were already, to my teenage mind, from the ancient past! The majority were the “prog-rock” (yawn!) “soft-rock”(groan!) “easy listening” (snore!) ballads of the 70’s. This was right into and through the 80’s – or so it seems in my memory (I admit, my memory could be biased, so if you loved 3BA passionately, please don’t write angry letters to me or sue me for defamation!)

I couldn’t have dated the songs at the time, but the fact that I’d heard them for the previous 10 years or so ingrained them into my consciousness in a way that didn’t require me to know the dates they were first released – I just knew they felt synonymous with the claustrophobic and conservative atmosphere of living in a small country town.

So, far worse than having only one album to listen to for the rest of your life, try having only a conservative country AM radio station to listen to, in the early 80s! In a complete twist of the question on Plinky I am going to share with you an entirely fictional album I would never want to listen to ever again.

Let’s say it is about 1982, the year I started secondary school (and, coincidentally, the first year I can really recall. The earlier years are a blur that culminates in grade 6 with me opening a can of coke at school and spraying coke all over my books. Ta da!) Anyway. If I was to reconstruct a typical day on my local radio station back then I reckon it would have included all of the following.

Hotel California – The Eagles. (1977) (this track should be at the start AND end of the album)

It was apparently compulsory that this ballad was played at least once every hour. The guitar solo alone takes about 45 minutes, or so it feels if you are stuck in a small town and it’s playing on the radio. By the time it finishes, you feel as if you’ve been sucked into the vortex of Hotel California too – or at least Hotel Small Country Town – and are doomed to float in its depressingly middle-of-the-road gravity forever. No wonder sales of Valium peaked in the US a year after this single was released!

Horse With No Name – America. (1972)

Even the singer got so bored with this song that he couldn’t be bothered to think up a name for the horse. It’s too boring to say any more about it.

Viewed from another angle, we can see that the rain in question comes mainly from the plane. That's insane!

Baker Street – Jerry Rafferty (1978)

Some poor sod finds life hard in the city, and, just like the National Party (and my parents), idealises the country. Well, he could have swapped places with me any day. I wanted to get to the city as fast as I could, mostly to avoid people like him. (*Googling for the year of this song’s release, I discovered that Jerry Rafferty died this morning! Sorry about the timing, Jerry.)

He’s Not Heavy, He’s My Brother (1970) – not the original by the Hollies, but a cover, probably the Neil Diamond version from 1970. This was a regular one for Sunday evenings (before the country music program – my dad’s favourite.)

We’ve Only Just Begun – The Carpenters (1970)

If I heard this song now I might think it was quite nice. I’ve got nothing against the Carpenters, who did some great songs, but hearing this every day in the early 80’s, it got lost in a banal and depressing mix of “easy listening” music that made it hard to distinguish the good from the mediocre, or the downright bad.

Kiss On My List – Hall and Oates (1981)

No easy listening list would be complete without Hall and Oates. Plus that gets in my quota of moustache references for this month!

If You Leave Me Now – Chicago (1978)

Ah Chicago! Not the town, not even the musical, but the band famous for soft rock ballads that incorporated electric guitar solos, strings and horns. Probably the only instrument not included was a bongo drum. On Wikipedia I read about the tragic death of a member of the band through a self-inflicted gun shot wound. According to one account, apparently his drunken last words were “Don’t worry guys, it isn’t even loaded. See?”

You’ve Got a Friend – James Taylor (1971)

Alright, I know it was written by Carole King so, like the Carpenters, maybe it’s not the song that was bad, maybe it’s the fact that the radio station was still playing it on daily rotation 11 years later, mixed in with so much other “easy listening” crap that it just blended right in to a depressingly nostalgic mix of music destined never to change.

The Logical Song – Supertramp (1979)

It may be logical, responsible, practical – but it’s definitely not a miracle, magical….or enjoyable.

So, that’s it for the definitive list. The first three songs are compulsory inclusions on this list, but the others could be interchangeable with other “easy listening/soft rock” music of the seventies: think of “Rosanna” by Toto, “Waiting For A Girl Like You” by Foreigner, or anything by Olivia Newton John or Billy Joel.

Finally, I considered including something by Air Supply, but reading through a list of their hits, their songs didn’t bring back memories of feeling claustrophobic and depressed as a teenager as the above songs do. Interesting – makes me wonder if they felt less alienating to me because they were an Aussie band!?  Who knows. But  I had to mention them anyway because of this bizarre sentence on Wikipedia:

In the end of 1981 Air Supply were not allowed to to travel by plane to most locations in U.S. due to excessive crying by both memebers. (sic)


Pilots didn't like flying Air Supply, whose crying filled planes with excess tears. What a shame!

(Sing to the tune of “Horse With No Name”):

Well I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name

It felt good to be out of the rain,

Cause Air Supply flew over in a QANTAS plane,

They were crying lots of tears because this song was so lame

So the rain that came fell mainly from their plane

La la la la la la la…..

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