Dreams: so much hidden meaning…….?

A rhino with normal rhino eyes

As I go about my daily life now, there is a subtle, but undeniable change, which is that I am always on the lookout for a good topic for my next blog post. Hmmm…astute political analysis? Damn it! –  I don’t follow politics!  Hmmm…savvy critiques of the media? Damn it! I don’t read  the newspapers! Hmmm….witty observations about life? Damn it again! I don’t have a life! What hope is left for this blog???! (she stops typing and thinks desperately……)

Ok, what about dreams? Surely they are rich with metaphor and symbolism, ripe for interpretation and investigation? Phew! – this seems like a possible route into the blogosphere! Why, just the other night I had a dream about a rhinoceros! Ah, yes- here we go…this seems promising material alright!……

(stumped pause)

Alright, I have to admit, it didn’t feel at all meaningful or symbolic. The rhino was just standing around doing nothing. When I thought about it afterwards, it was kind of weird that where his eyes should have been he had two boiled eggs instead. But it didn’t seem weird in the dream.


2 perfect rhino eyes - if they were made out of eggs

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  1. HI.
    Where have you got the picture of the rhiono from?
    I need a picture like this. Can you help me?

    Your sincerely



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